• What if your mental and physical health is better?

    Our mind and body are well connected.


    We get an upset stomach when we feel anxious. Our face gets hot when we are nervous. We tighten our jaw when we are angry.


    In a perfect world, we could release these negative emotions soon after they are triggered. But unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world and instead, we end up suppressing our feelings, swallowing our words, or holding back anger.


    Over time, these emotions keep accumulating in particular parts of our body and manifest as mysterious aches and pains.


    Physical symptoms include muscle tension, skin rash, weight gain, headaches, ringing in the ears, and blurry vision.


    So if you can relate to any of the statements below:

    • You know you want to improve your physical wellness but aren't sure where to begin.
    • You are looking for a holistic approach to ease pain other than taking a painkiller.
    • You are interested in learning the mind-body connection.
    • You are open to understanding yourself more deeply and doing emotional healing.
    • You are ready to feel good mentally and physically so you can thrive and not just survive in life.

    3-Day "Heal Your Mind to Heal Your Body" Challenge can help.  

  • Let me intruduce...

    3-Day challenge that helps you master the mind-body language!

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  • How It Works & What You Get

    No 1. Core Curriculum

    The "Heal Your Mind to Heal Your Body" Challenge is designed to not only help you learn the probable mental patterns behind various pains and discomfort in your body but inspire you along your journey. Our curriculum is based on giving the best tools to heal your body.

    No 2. Flexible Time Schedule

    We know you are busy so we set up a system for you to choose when to start the challenge. So when you are ready, just click "Start the challenge" on a form in a welcome kit that you receive after completing a purchase.

    No 3. Daily Reminders

    Once you sign up for the challenge, you will receive daily email reminders about what you are supposed to do that day with the link to access the exercises.

    No 4. A Free Private Q&A Session

    You can ask questions or request support and we will assist you via email or Loom. You can also ask for a private 60 minutes virtual session at a discounted price for extra support.

  • What To Expect


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    Find the Hidden Reason

    Before you start the healing process, it's important to see if there are any hidden reasons that may prevent you from achieving it. Because the truth is many of us unconsciously choose to hold on to our painful and sad memories and emotions because that's the only lifestyle we know.
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    Map Stored Emotions

    You will learn how to map various probable mental patterns in the body. Your body is a map of the wellness of your mind. As you bridge the mind and body, you can better understand the connection between trapped emotions and physical problems causing pain and discomfort.
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    Acknowledge Emotions

    Understanding the mind-body language opens the door to acknowledging what's been buried and suppressed within. But you have to feel it to heal it. Allowing yourself to really feel your emotions helps you have power over them. This way, you can control them instead of allowing them to control you.
  • Hi There!

    I'm Miyu, pronounced "Me-You."


    I'm a certified coach specializing in women's emotional wellness and self-love.


    Over the past 8 years, I've helped women heal their emotional wounds and fall in love with themselves so that they can live happily and fully in the present moment.


    I created this challenge based on my personal journey, years of education, and compilation of my experiences working with many women.


    I hope it brings awareness to help you find the deeper level of wisdom and unconditional love that are inherent within you.




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  • FAQ


    Q. What's in the daily emails?

    You'll receive the instruction of what you are supposed to do that day and the link to access the exercises. The exercises are in a PDF format so you can save it to your smartphone or computer. You have options to print and fill out with handwriting or open and fill it out on your device.

    Q. Will I be learning about how to treat my condition?

    The challenge is designed to help you recognize the probable mental causes manifesting in your body as pain or discomfort. It's not intended to treat or cure medical conditions.


    If you're looking for a quick fix or not willing to do the work, this challenge isn't for you. If you're open to understanding yourself more deeply and doing emotional healing, then you're in the right place!

    Q. Will this work for me if I'm taking medications?

    Absolutely. The information you get during this challenge doesn't deny the important role of medicine, rather it seeks to work with whatever means of medical or complementary intervention you may choose, so that the healing can take place in a complete way.

    Q. I need to see a doctor but should I wait until I complete the challenge?

    No. Please seek medical supervision before attempting to do anything recommended or alluded to in the challenge. The information you get during the challenge should not replace the opinions of a medical professional. Please read this disclaimer before purchasing the challenge.

    Q. What if I have questions or need some support as I go through the challenge?

    Once you sign up for the challenge, you will receive a form to request a private Q&A session. You can ask us questions regarding the mind-body connection or request support. We will assist you via email or Loom. You can submit the form once. You can also ask for a private 60 minutes virtual session at a discounted price for extra support. Both offers expire 2 weeks after you start the challenge.


    If you have general questions, you can simply email us at support@miyusudo.com. We'll respond within 24 business hours.